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Christopher Peter

Featured Artist for the Human-Centric Lighting Lab

The Human-Centric Lighting Lab at our Boston Design Gallery will feature dynamic spectrum lighting by Ketra. Visitors to the Gallery will be able to see and experience lighting that can be tuned to nearly any color or color temperature you can imagine. Boston artist Christopher Peter created two pieces for the lab to help us demonstrate the unique benefits of a tunable light source. One piece was created in a warm color scheme and one was created in a cool color scheme so that both palettes could be represented.

Our Boston Design Gallery will be opening this spring at the Boston Design Center.for updates on the Gallery.

Christopher Peter

About the Artist

Christopher Peter was raised in Phoenix and received his formal art education at Arizona State University. After becoming established in the art and design communities in the Southwest, he joined galleries across the US and presented his first international exhibition in 2017 at Miami’s Art Basel. Well known for using unconventional materials, Christopher’s work focuses on painting figures and landscapes. Combining and blurring the boundaries between these disciplines, a personal narrative is created between the viewer and the work that hints at the artists’ ultimate goal of using painting to explore the relationship between ourselves and how we experience our surroundings. As an extension of this, Christopher’s work often includes handmade papers, vintage roadmaps, and repurposed book pages in addition to acrylic and oil paints. Today, the artist lives in Boston’s historic South End and his studio is located in the Boston Design Center.

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Boston Gallery Representation

Jules Place
1200 Washington Street #204, Boston, MA 02118
(617) 542-0644

Christopher Peter
Warm artwork for Ketra Room

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