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Innovative Lighting, Controlled Effortlessly.

Founded in 2009, Ketra has made dynamic light accessible in any environment with a flexible, fully integrated lighting solution. Ketra’s tunable light creates high quality white, pastels and saturated color from a single-point source, enhancing the look of any space, and allowing you to tailor your light to meet your specifications. Ketra's recessed lights, light bulbs (lamps), and linear fixtures bring fully customizable light into your home.

Natural Light for Built Spaces

From the energizing midday sun to the familiar, soothing glow of a candle, natural light changes throughout the day, following the formula created by nature. As we spend more and more time indoors, in front of screens and away from natural sunlight, we feel out of touch with our natural environment.

Ketra brings natural light into the built spaces where we live and work. Their full spectrum, tunable light rises and falls with the sun, dynamically shifting throughout the day to precisely mimic the color temperature and intensity of natural light.

Proprietary color mixing and driver technology enables them to generate very high quality white light with a high degree of precision -- a color rendering index (CRI) and R9 greater than 90 can be achieved at any point from 2,700K to 5,000K. The result is a full color gamut of tunability that can achieve excellent color rendering, energy efficiency, and quality white light from a single source.

Default Art Lighting

Art Lighting with Vibrancy

Personalized, Brilliant Color

Color tunable light provides the ultimate control for designers to fine-tune a space at each phase of a project and for the lifetime of that space.

Design your space with an unlimited palette of whites, saturated colors and pastels. Adjust the mood at will with warm dimming to 0.1% and 1,400K to rival a candle’s flame. Fine-tune exquisite details with vibrancy control.

Vibrancy is a unique ability to tune only the individual colors that make white light at a given white-correlated color temperature (CCT). In other words, you’re not tuning the color of the light—you’re tuning white light, such that it reflects off of objects in the way that you want.

It goes beyond tailoring light for the space—and actually fine-tunes it to reflect brilliantly off of treasured objects, materials, and artwork, showcasing them exactly as their creators intended.

Advanced Technology

Beyond its unprecedented range of color temperatures, Ketra has developed a tunable spectrum system that maintains a precise, calibrated color output.

A custom driver chip inside every Ketra lamp produces high quality, consistent light, measured and calibrated no less than 360 times per second. Their proprietary closed loop feedback system features optical and thermal control mechanisms that constantly monitor light output, and automatically adjust to maintain consistent color over its lifetime.

Ketra D3 LED Recessed Housing

Precision Optics

Even the most impeccably selected furnishings, finishes, or other architectural and decorative elements can fall flat if they’re not illuminated properly. Conversely, well-placed light can transform even the most ordinary room into a warm and inviting space with the perfect ambiance. In short, lighting optics create the dynamic contrasts that bring a space, and everything inside of it, to life.

Ketra takes a unique approach to optics to generate the highest quality light possible. They start with a tightly packed cluster of LED die encapsulated in their proprietary silicon dome. This combination of tightly packed die and dome optic results in a small point source of light that is pre-mixed to a uniform color.

From there they employ a reflector optic to collimate the light and a secondary pillow lens optic to smooth out the beam. By combining both a reflector and a lens, Ketra fixtures are able to produce the maximum range of beam spreads, all of which preserve uniform color and intensity across the beam.

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