Transforming Windowless Spaces

Experience Daylight in Any Space

LightGlass is an architectural product that brings the experience of daylight into windowless spaces.

With hundreds of size and finish variations, color tuning and dimming, and an integral driver, the sky’s the limit. At 3.5 inches deep, it can be easily recessed into a wall or ceiling, surface mounted, or arrayed into a custom modular design. With LightGlass, you have the power to transform architecture.


Recess LightGlass into a wall and it will look and feel like a window. Add muntins to 2×4 LightGlass for added detail, change color temperature throughout the day, and bring the feelings of energy and well-being into any space.

Windowglass adds natural light to this once-windowless room.


Mount or recess LightGlass into the ceiling and illuminate any room with the feeling of sunlight. SkyGlass applications come with a shroud to create the depth and form factor of a real skylight without needing a hole in the roof.

See LightGlass in Person

LightGlass will be featured at our Design Gallery opening in the Boston Design Center this winter. If you'd like to see a demo before our Design Gallery opens, we'd be happy to arrange one. Click on the button below to schedule a meeting with one of our designers.

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